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Durham Savoyards

"Lyric tenor Brady DelVecchio embodied the youthful verve and idealism that Nanki-Poo should possess. From the start of his recitative ‘Gentlemen, I pray you tell me’ in Act One, DelVecchio sang with dulcet tone and total dramatic involvement. The character’s beguiling song with chorus ‘A wand’ring minstrel I’ received from the tenor a performance of unforced merriment, legitimizing Katisha’s infatuation with him. In the duet with Yum-Yum, he suffused ‘Were you not to Ko-Ko plighted’ with a young lover’s disillusionment. ‘The flowers that bloom in the spring,’ was winsomely sung, DelVecchio’s voice blossoming at the top of the stave. Much of Nanki-Poo’s music inhabits the tenor’s passaggio, increasing the rôle’s difficulties, particularly for young singers. DelVecchio braved the music’s demands with skill and poise to spare, his Nanki-Poo emerging as a bona fide romantic lead."

-Joseph Newsome (Opera Critic)

" Instead of a gottan-strumming folk singer, our Nanki-Poo is a camera-wielding paparazzo (an adorably goofy and golden-voiced tenor Brady Delvecchio).”

-Dustin K. Britt (Critic)



del Arte Opera Ensemble

"his characterful singing, easy stage demeanor, and pimp-like persona were much appreciated"

-Oberon (Oberon's Grove, Music Critic)

"The wily Mercurio (fine tenor Brady DelVecchio)... musically gorgeous and also quite humorous."

-Meche Kroop (Opera Critic)



Peabody Opera

"Brady DelVecchio done up in drag and hamming it up nicely as Feinstein"
-Tim Smith (Baltimore Sun)

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